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How To Buy Carpet Padding

how to buy carpet padding

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how to buy carpet padding - On Stage

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On Stage XCG4 Tubular Guitar Stand with Velveteen Padding and Security Strap

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I Am Floored

I Am Floored

Griffith Big Summer Project (GBSP ?) is in full swing now, as
evidenced by the 24 hour period (2pm Saturday to 2pm Sunday, with
sleep in there somewhere) that the wife and I spent pulling off
molding and pulling up carpets, pads, tack strips, linoleum and
staples from two rooms over the weekend.

Good times. Except for the sore muscles and scrapped knees and aching
backs and nostrils filled with grime.

I was disturbed to find that my knees sweat (discovered after removing
knee pads). Are there no areas of my body safe from my own moistness?

The problem with doing an incredibly thorough job on the dining room
and hallway carpet demolition—all in preparation for installing
630 square feet of hard wood floor, if you haven't been paying
attention—is that we had to come to a hard stop or keep going
into the living room. The problem with that is, the living room is
where to do most of our living. Our beloved TiVo lives there. Why did
I schedule this project in the middle of May sweeps, for Christ's
sake? Don't make me choose between watching LOST and installing hard
wood floors...

Construction projects, of course, have a way of spinning out of
financial control. The wood is purchased, all 680 square feet of it
(we bought extra... we'll need it), but Saturday we easily spent
another $100 buying little plastic feet to put on the bottom of
furniture for later so the precious red oak won't be harmed. Turns out
many of the items I was going to put feet on already have some. Argh.

That's just the beginning. We had to get carpet knives, bought a saw
specific to cutting the bottom off of door jam molding, chalk line so
we can mark where the floor support beams are, etc. I haven't even
tackled buying the nails yet for the pneumatic floor nailer we have to
rent to make it all permanent and not just a big removable puzzle to
walk on.

Anyway, here's some pictures that prove just how gross the carpet was
(and it was this bad when we moved in... dog vomit was just the icing
on this cake of disgust) and how much work we put in. A trip to the
dump is in the offing, two more carpets to pull, a weekend of
nailing... and then I probably have to buy myself a new table saw
because we'll probably have to do all new floor molding, too.

Roxy Feet 1

Roxy Feet 1

The vet actually said "I'm stumped". Roxy is on day 37 of what we all thought was Kennel Cough. She was just put on Cephalexin (they both were) because after a month it hasn't cleared up on it's own. Tyson is on day 28 of the cough. Every day they are happy and playful, they wrestle like crazy, they are learning tricks and commands, they are eating a whole lot of expensive puppy food. The poops are normal, only 1 puke all month right after we got her.. she hasn't even been coughing that much. They both did have boogers for a couple days..

We thought it was just a stubborn strain of kennel cough but then Roxy's feet started getting hard pads. The vet said this wouldn't show up until she was older if it was distemper, and if she did have distemper she would be dead by now. He offered to run an expensive test, but the test wouldn't exactly be accurate and not a definate answer. We declined the test and are waiting to see how they do on the antibiotics over the next 2 weeks.

Could the hardened pads be from something totally unrelated? She is just over 3 months old. Tyson will be 4 months tomorrow, he walks on the same carpeting, tile, grass etc and he has baby soft pads.

Would a grass allergy show up like this? I'm stumped too and I've done hours of research over the last few days. I bought some vaseline and put it on her sparingly before she fell asleep last night but it didn't make much of a difference.

For anyone who wants to give me a bag of crap:
I know all about the importance of vaccinations. Her previous owner didn't and she had her 1st round of shots at the shelter which was apparently too late. Tyson had 2 rounds of shots but apparently that wasn't enough. Neither of them can resume vaccinations until they have been symptom free for a week.

how to buy carpet padding

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