How To Remove Carpet Glue

how to remove carpet glue

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how to remove carpet glue - McCulloch Steam

McCulloch Steam Cleaner and CleanFast Wallpaper Remover

McCulloch Steam Cleaner and CleanFast Wallpaper Remover

The McCulloch Hand Held Steam Cleaner is a versatile and easy-to-use steam cleaner. Its 900 watts and 6 ounces of water give it 8 minutes of steaming time - enough to clean most household chores. It sanitizes surfaces while it cleans, killing most germs where family member fingers linger the most - kitchen, bath, pet areas, children's toys and more. Simply fill it with water and the steam-ready indicator light lets you know when you are ready to begin steaming. You can use it to clean your BBQ grill, and auto wheels and floor mats, among other uses. The CleanFast Wallpaper Remover spray solution penetrates quickly and safely. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, and makes removing old wallpaper faster and better than scraping. The 32-oz plastic spray bottle allows you to spray it on without getting your hands full of messy wallpaper strippers. Simply spray it on and allow it to penetrate the old wallpaper. Then all you do is pull off the old wallpaper. It is especially formulated to work with your steam cleaner to more rapidly break down glue for faster removal.

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Good News ... and Bad

Good News ... and Bad

So, when my dad said a few weeks ago in a comment, "I always wondered why you had outdoor carpet on your steps," it got us thinking --- why do we? And then we thought about how Suzanne and Clyde had just ripped the outdoor carpet off the back patio, and we are all much happier.

AND THEN I broke a 2 feet tall and very-thick-glass vase all over the foot of the stairs. And then we removed the outdoor carpet.

We love it ... and yet ... perhaps it is in need of some paint? Turns out there is a lot more glue on stair outdoor carpet than on patio outdoor carpet ... Ah good, my nesting instinct was wondering what to obsess about next ...

deck beams and carlins in

deck beams and carlins in

Deck beams, carlins, etc. installed or ready to be glued in. Atlantic white cedar is a joy to work with. At this point I'd not yet decided to go with a centerboard. Doing so led to a need to modify some of the forward deck beams. Notice how the hull is supported by MDF scraps at the front, with carpet scraps between the hull and the MDF. A similar arrangement is used aft. The horizontal MDF pieces, which are screwed to the strongback, can be easily removed as needed. The flat bottom of the boat lets it rest easily on the strongback.

how to remove carpet glue

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