Locker Hook Rug Instructions

locker hook rug instructions

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locker hook rug instructions - Inkology Glam

Inkology Glam Rock Mesh Locker Mirror, 591-9

Inkology Glam Rock Mesh Locker Mirror, 591-9

Who ever said school supplies had to be plain and boring? Inkology puts pizazz into the school day! No time to run to the ladies' room? Just keep one of these glittery magnetic mirrors in your locker. Use the strong, strategically placed magnets on back to hang it on the inside of your locker door or wall of your locker. Great for the inside of metal cubicles or on the frig, too! You'll always be able to check your hair or makeup on the run! Mirrors come in a variety of glittery colors. Sorry, we cannot specify color in shipping.

84% (11)

Lockers: YIP.99

Lockers: YIP.99

My gym's locker room is so 1970s. The funny thing is that these lockers were replaced a couple years ago, so they made a conscious decision to stay with this color scheme. I kind of hope they never change it.



last year's locker. junky and crowded and messy. :]

locker hook rug instructions

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