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Apartment in Buffalo, NY

Apartment in Buffalo, NY

My second apartment at the corner of York Street and Union Place in Buffalo, NY. I think the address was around 49 Union Place. I loved this apartment. It was a two bedroom. One bedroom (right door in photo) for me, the other (left door in photo) for my darkroom.

Its big failing was that it had a huge kitchen area (good) with one small radiator (bad) making it dreadfully cold in there. Remember, this is Buffalo, NY - legendary for cold, snow and wind in the winter. In summer, it was steamy, humid hot, but I didn't mind that.

It was furnished except for the things you can spot are obviously mine - cheap stuff for fresh out of college boys and photographic lights. Except for the brown/gold shag carpet, I could live there again in heartbeat.

The couple who owned the building lived on the second floor and their business was on the first - a dry cleaners on York Street.

carpet cleaners cheap

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