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Jb Factory Carpet

jb factory carpet

    factory carpet
  • We use the term "factory carpet" to identify handmade pieces woven on looms located in a central location, such as a warehouse. Each factory usually contains multiple looms and the weavers "go to work" there.

  • (The jbs) The J.B.'s (sometimes punctuated The JB's or The J.B.s) were James Brown's band during the first half of the 1970s. On record the J.B.'s were sometimes billed under various alternate names such as The James Brown Soul Train, Maceo and the Macks, A.A.B.B.

  • (JBS) Johanson-Blizzard syndrome

  • J.B. is a 1958 play by Archibald MacLeish, set in a modern circus, based on the biblical figure Job (hence the title: J.B./Job). Two vendors, Mr. Zuss and Nickles, begin the play-within-a-play by assuming the roles of God and Satan, respectively. They watch J.B.

jb factory carpet - Durable, Reversible

Durable, Reversible 6' X 9' Premium Movenot Rug Pad(TM) for Hard Surfaces and Carpet

Durable, Reversible 6' X 9' Premium Movenot Rug Pad(TM) for Hard Surfaces and Carpet

Extend the life of your rug with a Premium Movenot Rug Pad(TM). Premium Movenot Rug Pads are a premium reversible, non-slip rug pad designed for all types of floors. Place Premium Movenot Rug Pad's duragon rubber side down to keep your rugs in place over hard surfaces, or reverse the product and use it on rug-to-carpet applications. In either case, Premium Movenot Rug Pads' extra dense cushion provides luxury underfoot, keeps your rugs securely in place, and prolongs the life of your area rugs. Premium Movenot Rug Pads are guaranteed not to mar, stain, or discolor floors or carpet. Premium Movenot Rug Pads can be easily cut to size with scissors. Premium Movenot Rug Pads are made in the USA. Premium Movenot Rug Pads are made of 100% Rubber and 100% Felt. Premium Movenot Rug Pads are 45 ounces and approximately 1/4'' thick.

88% (18)

Templeton's Carpet Factory, Glasgow

Templeton's Carpet Factory, Glasgow

During the Victorian era, the city council refused planning permission repeatedly for this carpet factory because they didn't want to bring the tone of the neighbourhood down with such an unprestigious development. Eventually, the owner of the site gave in and hired William Leiper to design a building that would not be considered an eyesore and this extravagant piece of architecture is what he came up with. Some say that the frontage was to appear like a carpet laid out on Glasgow Green, others adhere to the story that when the building was commissioned in 1889, the owner wanted a replica of the Doge's Palace in Venice. Taking in the colourful tiles and decorative glasswork, either theory would fit. One thing is sure, there's nothing else like it in the city, or indeed Scotland, for its imagination and confidence. The building was extended in the 1930s when they added some glassy, art deco features typical of the time. It was then converted into the Templeton Business Centre in 1984.

Templeton Carpet Factory

Templeton Carpet Factory

It wasn't just 1980s architects who made vulgar references to ancient buildings! This Victorian edifice is a fairly good copy of the Doges Palace in Venice. Then a carpet factory: now miserable "luxury apartments".

Taken with Pentax Auto 110 camera on out-of-date Polaroid and Fuji Superia films.

jb factory carpet

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